What Is Construction Gcse?


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Published: 4 Dec 2021

A qualification in construction

A qualification in construction gives you a good idea of what you need to know about working in construction. There is more to it than that. The cycle of construction, health and safety, interactions between the built and natural environment, the structure of the construction industry and much more are taught in the course.

The Building Craft Course

2. The revision resource for the Hwb has a section for the exam. The resource on building craft contains information different kinds of materials and building techniques, as well as some useful activities and question sets that you can use as practice.

The student handbooks give a convenient summary of all the important information. There are 8. Environmental issues and sustainable living are important issues in the course.

The Environment Agency has a good resource on dealing with pollution. The sustainable build website gives a good overview of the issues involved, as well as the materials and techniques that can be used, if you want to learn more about sustainable or green building. 10.

You can find many good careers resources online that can help you to learn more about the different roles and opportunities that are available in the industry, and the training routes that are available to help you to pursue them. The National Careers Service is a good starting point, and it has links to many industry websites that have additional resources. The Construction Student blog and Building.co.uk are both great sources of news stories on important issues in the industry.

The Effect of Music on the Representation Of Media Texts

If a person uses a strong accent or uses a lot of slang, audiences will respond differently to them than they would to a person who speaks perfect English. Music can influence the representation of a media text. A slow, sombre piece of music will make a different representation to a cheerful, upbeat tune in a film scene.

Engineering courses in a technical college

If you want to study engineering, the best way to go is to go to a technical college after your exams. You can head to university to finish your studies.

Architecture Degree Apprentices

The same level of qualifications as a degree is offered by architecture degree apprentices. They are beneficial as they offer more practical experience than the degree route. You will spend around 80% of your time on practical, on-the-job experience, with the remaining 20% on academic learning.

The Impact of Sustainable Construction on the Environment

The construction industry uses a lot of energy. The heavy machinery used in construction still leans heavily on fossil fuels, and even inefficient electricity use can result in the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels further down the energy supply line. The construction industry accounts for 40% of CO2 emissions and 36% of worldwide energy usage.

The shipping of materials can have a big impact on carbon emissions. Local water tables can be polluted by mining for raw materials. The amount of CO2 produced by the manufacture of concrete has increased by over 2 billion tons, and will only increase as 4 billion tons of concrete is poured every year.

The improper disposal of hazardous waste can cause pollution that affects the environment and the health of people living in that area. The greatest challenge to face is the cost, which is why sustainable construction methods are not an overnight process. There will always be pressure on construction companies to reduce costs, but there are still concerns that sustainable construction methods will cost more.

34% of firms say they face client demand for green buildings, and you can see that many construction firms fear being caught in the middle of demand high costs. Increased CSR is achieved by sustainable construction. The building is green.

The people or businesses that are taking up residence in the building can point to their reduced impact on the environment. Reducing waste will reduce the fees charged by your waste management company. You will save on fuel costs if you adopt more efficient vehicles.

Environmental and Safety Considerations in Construction Projects

The construction projects are overseen by a bunch of public bodies, such as governments agencies and local authorities. They consider the impact on the environment and communities, as well as the safety of building sites, when they consider the project itself.

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