What Is Construction Project Management?


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Published: 30 Nov 2021

Project Management: A General Framework

Project management is the art of coordinating and directing human and material resources throughout the life of a project to achieve certain objectives. The general management of business and industrial corporations takes a broader outlook with greater continuity of operations. Modern management techniques developed for general management may be adapted for project management, as there are sufficient similarities and differences between the two.

The basic ingredients for a project management framework can be seen in the figure below. A working knowledge of general management and familiarity with the special knowledge domain are important. Computer science and decision science are supported by other disciplines.

Steve and Sean: a new home builder

Steve is the project manager for a new home builder. A couple's first new home build was awarded to his company. Steve assembles the team.

Software for Construction Project Management

The project owner is the person who is responsible for financing the project or the person who is responsible for the commission of the project. They usually supervise projects from a high level. They are involved in the decision-making process for bidding, contract selection and the project delivery method.

A general contractor is in charge of the daily operations of the project. They are responsible for providing updates to the project manager. They can provide equipment, labour and materials for the project, and they can hire and supervise the work they complete.

Contractors apply for permits and licenses and establish safety protocols. Once the construction project is at or near completion, the commissioning stage is usually the first thing that happens. The construction team is testing equipment.

They may meet with clients to discuss the new facility. It is easier to get documents seen and signed with the help of software programs. When a file changes, some programs can send notifications and keep a record of the changes.

Cloud storage services can be used to simplify access to documents. Managing the budget of a project is a must for construction project managers. A bookkeeping software program can help organize and streamline the budget development and management processes.

Cloud Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management software can help improve project delivery. It can help you track and improve costs, quality, schedule and safety initiatives. Good software will help to simplify day-to-day tasks, which will lead to higher productivity, lower risk, and increased profits.

Project Management in Sustainable Construction

Project management is a role in the project development process that has responsibility for the project management plan and delivery according to the cost budget and construction project schedule. It calls for the management of commercial risk by checking contractual arrangements and deliverables to make sure they are in line with agreements. The project management plan is a document that outlines the strategy for managing a project, outlines roles and responsibilities, and defines the policies, procedures and priorities to be implemented.

They are prepared by either the project manager or the development manager. The project manager is in charge of the developer. The project manager is appointed or assumed by the development manager if the developer engages a development manager for overall project management.

Project managers are often charged with setting parameters, finances, and calendar, screening and hiring workers, and resolving disputes when working directly with developers. Whole-cycle costing encourages sustainable development reporting, and ensures that all building services operate to their full potential. The embodied energy of materials is low if they are truly sustainable.

Project procurement is a large part of sustainable construction. Legislation, the terms of the construction contract, and the policies of the developer are some of the factors that may affect sustainable procurement practices. The developer is responsible for ensuring sustainable construction and sustainable procurement principles are used in their projects.

A consultant to manage trade contractors

The traditional method has always been to appoint a main contractor with domestic, nominated and selected subcontractors. A consultant is appointed to manage trade contractors and give the client an opportunity to be more involved with the administration of trade contractors.

Project Managers: The Role of Construction

Construction project managers have more authority. Project managers have a bigger responsibility than construction managers because they oversee more than just the construction process. They usually supervise CMs, working together to finish construction in a timely, cost-effective manner. The CM is the boss on the job site.

A Construction Engineer and Project Manager for a Contracting Company

The procurement team and the design team need the help of construction engineers and project managers. Their projects include commercial business, housing, airport design, highway and bridge construction. A construction engineer and project manager can go to the job site to do a survey before a project starts.

The survey is done to find environmental issues that can make the project harder. Wetlands are examples of habitats that have been destroyed due to environmental issues. The construction engineer and project manager will put together teams of engineers and contractors to begin work on the project after the report is submitted.

They use construction software to evaluate their work. They organize a budget and schedule. Sometimes a construction engineer and project manager will look at the job site to make sure everything is going to plan.

Construction Management Software

A construction management software can house all the information required to execute construction and service projects, automate and streamline processes, and eliminate opportunities for human error on manual entries. With construction management software, a project manager can move most of their paperwork to a digital environment, making it easier to get approval for additional costs or change orders quickly. Project managers can review any area of the project and drill down to see how they are doing.

The Resource Requirements for the Definition of Construction Activities

There are few computer aids for the process of defining activities, which is why repetition of activities in different locations or reproduction of activities from past projects reduces the work involved. Information systems and databases can help in the recall of past projects. There are many computer programs that can be used for the scheduling process.

The construction planners skill, judgment and experience are likely to continue to be relied on for the important task of defining activities. An activity is any part of a project. The set of activities should be comprehensive or completely 888-492-0'd so that all work tasks are included in one or more activities.

Each design element in the facility will have some project activities. Execution of an activity requires time and resources, as described in the next section. The duration of the activity is the time required to complete the activity.

The activity of preparing and checking shop drawings should be divided into two tasks, one for preparation and one for checking, since different people are involved in the two tasks. The level of detail will depend on the size, importance and difficulty of the project as well as the specific scheduling and accounting procedures which are adopted. Most schedules are prepared with too little detail than they need to be.

It is important to remember that task definition will serve as the basis for scheduling, communicating the construction plan and construction monitoring. The owner will often make progress payments based on the completion of tasks. More detailed task definitions can be useful.

The Gantt Charts of a Construction Project

1. The main focus of interest is the price in low-bid selection. The lowest bids are presented by the construction management companies.

The project owner proceeds with the lowest offer. 1. The most popular kind of agreement.

The owner and the contractor set a price for the project. The price is the same even if the total cost is higher than the agreed amount. The final stage is the official completion of the project.

The project manager is looking at what went well and looking for potential failures. The team conducts a project report, calculates the final budget and gives information about unfinished tasks. 1.

One of the most practical systems that a project team can have is the gantt charts. A chart can show you an overview of a project and let you know if there are any unfinished tasks or not. LetsBuild relies on Gantt Charts to be an indispensable component.

The Construction Manager: A Journey Through the Landscape

The construction manager will research the delivery method that is most appropriate for the task. Design-build is the traditional way of delivering construction projects, but it does not mean it is the best. Design-build adds more stress, cost, and risk to project outcomes.

The more risks you have, the more important it is to plan around the right delivery method to avoid additional costs. The chance for additional costs increases with the risk at the beginning. The construction manager is in charge of hiring all construction teams and using risk management best practices to ensure that issues are resolved prior to the start of construction.

Risk management reduces the amount of change orders. The owners must be provided with all project information and be given all the documents they need to complete the project. Insurance must be changed from the course of construction to permanent property insurance.

The owner is trained on how to use and manage their facility. There are construction management platforms that can help create a 3,000-foot view of a project and make it easier to predict and prevent poor micro practices from interfering with project success. Many construction industry design and management processes have been changed in the last twenty years.

The designs that used to be created and updated on drawing boards are now being created and amended on computer screens. The construction industry is still a long way from being digitally transformed. It is almost at the bottom of the US league for digitization, just above agriculture and hunting, and the investment in technology is the last thing on the list.

Construction Engineering Managers

Construction engineering managers are often called upon to use computers and construction management software to produce and analyze designs for their projects. They are responsible for assembling teams of qualified engineers who can complete a project. Construction engineering managers need to have the right knowledge for controlling estimation and planning associated costs.

Construction engineering managers often work out of a central office, but they may visit job sites and engage in on-location work with labor. They tour sites frequently to make sure that the work is being done well. The construction engineering managers are responsible for managing the work of other entities.

They are responsible for providing expert supervision from beginning to end while also keeping the project running on or ahead of schedule and within budget. The job requires strong leadership and attention to detail. Construction engineering managers need to have strong problem-solving, analytical, and mathematical skills.

Why is Project Closeout Important?

If you are considering getting a construction project manager, you may have seen that they offer project closeout. Most people outside of the construction industry don't know what construction project closeout is or why it is important. You might be wondering why project closeout is managed.

Many of the tasks involved in project closeout are fairly straightforward. From the outside, it seems like the Cleanup of the Job site, organizing and turning over documentation, and other things would be part of business as usual. The closeout process needs to be coordinated and managed in order to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

The project manager, general contractor, and the subcontractors need to coordinate their work to ensure that the changes are completed within the budget and timelines. Any required inspections will need to be completed once construction is complete. The project manager will need to meet with the authorities to make sure the inspection goes smoothly and that any identified issues can be addressed quickly.

Effective planning and open communication are required for the closeout process. If you work with a construction project management team that understands the importance of project closeout management, you can avoid costly delays and ensure that your project is completed smoothly and smoothly. Gilliland Construction Management can provide more information about project closeout management.

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