What Is Fusion Radio?


Author: Lorena
Published: 26 Nov 2021

The DMR Radios

Yaesu offered a special price to radio clubs. You could get a repeater for $500. The time was right to update the clubs' repeaters.

There are lots of System Fusion repeaters around. Most of them only have one type of radio user on them. System Fusion is nothing more than a repeater and programming is not much more difficult thanalog one.

It is as simple as analog if you have a wire-X installed on your repeater. There are many manufactures of radios for the purpose of DMR. You can get a Tytera radio in the low $100s or a radio from the same company that is over $500.

If there is a wire-X attached to the repeater, System Fusion works the same. You can go anywhere at any time, without the need for the operator. The problem is if the C-bridge is unavailable, the repeater can only work locally, and it can't go around the C-bridge to other repeaters that are still working.

There is a If something happens, natural disaster, terror action or someone accidentally cuts the cable to the data center, 100 of the east coast DMR repeaters just will be gone. There are many ways to get on the network and it seems like there are new ones every week.

Group Monitor for Emergency Communication

Digital Group Monitor can be used to check if users are in or out of range, and can show information the screen of the client radio for up to 24 stations. Group Monitor is an important feature when an operator needs to track resources in an emergency communication operation. Resources can be tracked and controlled, allowing operators to know when they are going to fall out of range, or providing valuable data for locating and tracking individual operators. The optional speaker microphone and camera can be connected to the radio to take advantage of the high speed data functions.

Rooms for System Fusion

System Fusion has a technology called Wires-X. It has a network of repeaters. The rooms that Wires-X has is a concept where multiple repeaters and nodes can talk to each other.

A room is similar to a conference in the same place as a Talk Group. YSF is not a Yaesu technology when looking at the YSF server. It is a method of creating a room where other System Fusion users can connect.

Some of the YSF rooms are connected to the MMDVM software as their repeater controller. You may know it as Pi-Star, a pretty interface over the MMDVM software. The original creators of the FCS server created it for use with the mini.

They have grown since their creation. The DV4Mini became popular and rooms were added quickly on the single server. A bridge is a way of connecting two different technologies.

It is similar to a cross band repeater that takes a signal on 2 meters and sends it back out on 70 cm. When it hears something on Wires-X, it sends it to YSF, and the opposite happens when it hears something on YSF. Both use the AMBE2 format.

Anytone - A Dual Band Radio

The TYT MD-2017 is a good radio, but more complex to program, if you need a dual-band handheld. Anytone has been making handhelds that show up different places on the internet.

WIRES-X: Wireless LAN Access for C4FM Digital Stations

The C4FM digital enables high sound quality. WIRES-X connects to rooms and nodes. There is a need to verify connection IDs or transmit connection codes.

Information about rooms and the nodes is exchanged. Press the button and you will be able to start talking. Traditional analog users can use WIRES-X.

General Fusion

The Tokomak is a doughnut shaped vacuum chamber that is used to make fusion happen. At 100 million degrees C, hydrogen gas becomes a gas. Magnets are used to steer the plasma.

Fusion: The most eco-friendly source of energy

The most eco-friendly source of energy is fusion. fusion does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions or global warming because there are no harmful atmospheric emissions from the fusion process. In many parts of the Earth, hydrogen and lithium are plentiful.

Nuclear Fusion Reactor: Problems and Solutions

What are the problems with nuclear fusion? Nuclear weapons proliferation, potential tritium release, and other serious problems afflict today's fission reactor, as well as fusion reactor's other serious problems, including neutron radiation damage and radioactive waste. The fusion reaction releases energy that will be used in the future to heat water and drive the power plant. The site will be radioactive once the plant is dismantled because of the bombardment of the vessel itself.

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